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Cycling for Fitness at Pace Health Club, Durham

Wednesday 3rd January, 2018

The weather is cold outside, and the idea of going cycling and battling the icy winds and frosty roads is not the most appealing – but there’s certainly no reason to call cycling a day for the next six months… Come and join us down at Pace Health Club gym instead!

We are very lucky at Pace to be able to offer our members and guests easy access to state-of-the-art cycling machines in our gymnasium. And it is well worth the effort… Typically, indoor cycling will help you burn over 500 calories an hour, and you won’t get wet or icy-cold either!

If you want to get even more out of your session this season, here are some excellent additional tips which you can use to optimise your next cycling workout:

1.       When doing fast paced runs, try sitting down and fast-pedalling, and to add extra intensity, try raising yourself off the saddle for a few seconds.

2.       For hill climbs, stand up and hold the front of the handlebars, and keep your hips over the saddle to work your core, legs and backside.

3.       Try adding music, and try to pedal along to the beat! It’s a good test of rhythm, but depending on the pace of your piece of choice, it can be a great test of fitness too! Gradually, if you are really brave, you can also try raising the resistance very slightly every 30 seconds, up to a maximum of 4 minutes at a time.

4.       Make sure that the seat isn’t too low for you. When pedalling, the leg should only be bent about 25 degrees at the bottom of each rotation. This way, all your muscles will get a proper workout, and this will relief pressure from your quads having to overwork to compensate.

5.       To work your upper body at the same time, try bending your arms with some weights using small weights or a bottle of water in each hand, whilst continuing to pedal gently.

6.       You might also like to try focusing your next session on achieving a certain number of kilometres within a specific half hour, or adding in a series of intense, short bursts of extra speed or increased resistance to maximise your cardio workout… Every little helps!

If you are in any doubt as to exactly how to structure your session to be of most benefit for you, please do ask us – our attendants are all qualified fitness instructors who will be only too happy to help with anything you need.

Our gym equipment all here for you from 6am till 11pm every day, so you can fit a trip to the gym around your schedule as flexibly as you like.

If you need any advice, or have any questions, please do pop in and our knowledgeable team at the Pace service desk will be happy to help you.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

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