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An Interview With Leisure Club Attendant Liam

Monday 16th October, 2017

Name: Liam Reid

Job Title: Leisure Club Attendant, Pace Health Club, Durham City

How long have you worked at Pace Health Club in Durham?

I am very lucky as I love my job! I have been working for the club for one year and three months so far. 

How did you train for your role?

I have a strong background in sport, and worked as a gym instructor in a series of locations before joining Pace Health Club in Durham. In my role, I have undertaken pool responder training, lifeguard training, First Aid training, pool management training and chlorine training too. I really enjoy the variety that my role brings.

When is the busiest time of the week?

Overall, there are around 600 Club members. Because the Health Club attracts both permanent Club members and hotel guests too, we have a steady stream of attendees throughout the week. The gym is usually busiest in the morning, with many people popping in for half an hour before they start their days. The gym and the pool are also at their busiest again between 5pm and 7pm, and at weekends. But the beauty of being located at the Radisson Blu means that the facilities we offer are open from 6am to 11pm every day of the week, so there is plenty of opportunity to pop in at a quieter time if you prefer.

Outline your typical day.

Early in the morning, when I arrive on site, the first thing I need to do is go through all the routine checks – checking the pool and the jacuzzi for cleanliness and to make sure that they are working correctly, and then opening the site ready for members and hotel guests to arrive. As well as talking with our customers, managing large groups and occasional classes, signing up new members and helping with enquiries throughout the day, I also undertake day-to-day maintenance, check that the equipment in the gym is working correctly, look after the spa, and manage pool chlorine levels in the pool. Every night, I also manage jacuzzi-draining and the pool back-wash, which is the process of thoroughly cleaning out the pipes, and pulling levers in the right order to flush out the system. The steamroom also requires a deep clean once a week.

What is the best thing about working for Pace?

We are very lucky in that all the staff members working for Pace are entitled to use the facilities free of charge. Personally, I use the gym frequently, and really like it because the equipment in the gym is first-rate and the displays of each machine are extremely easy to read, configure and use. You can programme a simple cardio workout, or more complex settings, very easily.

I also love working with and meeting new people, and the huge variety of scenarios that the role brings from day to day.

What plans are there for the Health Club in the future?

Plans are underway for a refit of the sauna in the future – stay tuned for more news in due course!

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